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With the advent of electronic content and our increased dependence on the same, we are also beginning to see offensive content emerging in the electronic form. These offensive electronic contents are generated by individuals as also corporations. Lot of such offensive content could hurt the sensibilities of various stakeholders.

Internet has made all of us a global publisher, a global author and a global transmitter of data. In such a scenario, it is absolutely essential before one publishes or transmits anything on the Internet to know as to what is the existing law pertaining to offensive electronic content.

Large numbers of people still believe that writing anything offensive on the Internet is not covered under the law. Nothing can be farther than the truth.

In India there is a dedicated legislation that deals with offensive data and information in the electronic form, being the Indian Information Technology Act, 2000.

This eBook looks at the various nuances pertaining to legal position in India regulating offensive electronic content. Publishing, transmitting as well as causing to be published or transmitted in the electronic form, anything which is offensive has been brought within the ambit of penalty.

The eBook examines and analyses the various kinds of content that have been brought within the ambit of legal regulation in India.

This eBook is essential for any user of data and information in the electronic form as also of the digital and mobile ecosystem, who is dealing with or publishing or transmitting electronic content.

This eBook is an absolute must for all legal practitioners, law libraries, IT companies, internet service providers and operators, all companies offering their services in the electronic ecosystem and all users of computers, computer systems, computer networks, computer resources and communication devices including mobiles, cell phones, smart phones, personal digital assistants and all other kinds of communication devices in India.

This eBook is authored by Pavan Duggal, Advocate, Supreme Court of India and Asia’s and India’s foremost expert on Cyberlaw who has done pioneering work in the area of Cyber Law and Technology Law. This eBook’s Author runs his niche law firm Pavan Duggal Associates, Advocates (http://www.pavanduggalassociates.com/) which is working on all aspects concerning technology and the law.

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Publication Year: 2013
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Length: 58
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