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Cyber Security Law as a jurisprudence is constantly evolving. Different countries are coming up with their own national approaches to deal with cyber security. China has been one of the foremost players who has taken the early lead in this direction. China has come up with not just its National Cyber Security Law, but has also now come up with new supplement legal frameworks to protect and preserve cyber security. With effect from 1st of January 2018, China has introduced and implemented its Public Internet Cybersecurity Threat Monitoring and Mitigation Measures, 2018. These represent China’s new Cyber Security Law which has come into effect from the beginning of 2018.

These new measures are representing a new supplemental legal framework on Cybersecurity in China. These measures are of extreme significance and have wide-ranging legal ramifications. What is China’s new Cyber Security Law of 2018? What are its various parameters and salient features? What will be the impact of these measures upon companies operating in China? What are the practical challenges that the new measure throw up? These and other related issues are discussed in detail in my new book “New Cybersecurity Law of China”.

This book aims to sensitize all stakeholders in the digital and mobile ecosystem concerned with cybersecurity about China’s new legislative approaches on cybersecurity. It also details how Chinese approach of coming up with a fresh look at cybersecurity law jurisprudence is gaining momentum and has been implemented in China.

The new Cyber Security Law of China represents a watershed moment in the evolving cybersecurity law jurisprudence. A lot of countries would potentially be inspired by the way how China is legislating on Cybersecurity and could start thinking in terms of coming up with their own respective national legislations on Cybersecurity.

This book is of particular relevance to all stakeholders in the cyber security ecosystem, as also all Lawyers, Legal Experts, Law Professors, Law Students as also companies operating in China and foreign law experts who watch Chinese legal developments. The book has been written in a very simple language and is aimed to communicate the complicated complex legal provisions of the new Chinese cyber security measures.

Publisher: Amazon
Publication Year: 2020
Format: paperback
Length: 60
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ISBN: 1794077677
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