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The public health emergency of the year 2020 has been an unprecedented event in recent history, which has brought alongwith it, a sense of panic, despair and anxiety all around.

Countries are increasingly mandating social isolation and social distancing as a way to contain the further transmission and dissemination of such infections. In this context, more and more countries and statutory organizations are increasingly encouraging private sector players and semi-governmental organizations to allow their employees to work from home, wherever feasible.

Working from home has been a concept that has been in existence for some time. However, this entire concept of Work From Home is being retested for its resilience and its efficacy in the year 2020. However, the increased adoption and reliance on Work From Home, in 2020, has specifically brought forward various peculiar and unique legal, policy and regulatory nuances which need to be addressed by all stakeholders. These nuances are all the more special and important, given the constantly changing ground realities and given the massive advancement of cyber security breaches and cybercrime incidents that have been constantly growing with the advent of the pandemic.

In this context, this book seeks to collate some of the more significant and important legal, policy and regulatory nuances that all stakeholders need to keep in mind, while allowing or relying upon Work From Home in the pandemic age. Work From Home syndrome in the year 2020 is throwing up new distinctive challenges which will need to be appropriately addressed by all stakeholders.

Lot of innovative mechanisms and experimentation is about to begin in this regard. However, the experience of different countries in this regard will further help in evolving sound legal jurisprudence pertaining to Work From Home.

The author hopes that by reading this topical and relevant book, stakeholders would be in a better position to appreciate, some of the more significant topical and relevant legal, policy and regulatory issues, that they need to keep in mind while allowing Work From Home by their employees, during the pandemic. The list of the issues that are collated in the present book, are neither complete nor exhaustive but are only illustrative in nature. It may be possible that lot of other issues in this regard pertaining to working from home may be springing up. Stakeholders will have the duty to proactively not just understand these issues, but also come up with innovative and customized new approaches to deal with these issues. This is necessary in order to make Work From Home paradigm a success, during the pandemic age and beyond.

This Book should be of value to all persons, and specifically private institutions, organizations, employers, employees, lawyers, legal professionals, judges, academicians, nation states, governments and other stakeholders in the digital and mobile ecosystems.

This Book is authored by Dr. Pavan Duggal (http://www.pavanduggal.com), internationally renowned and acclaimed foremost expert on Cyber Security Law and Cyberlaw, who has been acknowledged as one of the top four cyber lawyers of the world. This Book’s Author runs his niche law firm Pavan Duggal Associates, Advocates ( http://pavanduggalassociates.com/ ) which is working on all aspects concerning technology and the law.

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